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SEO Silver Bullet?

Is there a shortcut to Google success?

As you might imagine, the work I do for clients covers a broad spectrum.  A basic project typically involves research to establish the most popular keywords associated with the company’s products or services.  That is usually followed by a domain name research, and then configuring the domain, installing the blog, adding email addresses and other one-time set up tweaks.

Once this setup work is done and the website and/or blog are configured and optimized I will then meet with the client and show them how to use WordPress and manage other aspects of their domain.  I encourage all of my clients to buy my book, SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide, not because I need the $10, it’s because everything they need to know at this point is detailed in the book.

Additionally, I go to great lengths in the book to explain what they need to do and why these things are necessary to get traction online.  I also cover the basics of WordPress usage and optimization, which will serve as a great reference source as they assume management of their website.

The project I just described is something I do for clients who are looking for someone to help them get started.  As a result, once this has been put in place my relationship with the client usually ends…temporarily.  Unfortunately, people who hire me to provide this “starter package” often contact me again a few months down the road.  Their questions or pleas for additional assistance are usually the same.

I heard from two such clients this week, both asking me virtually the same questions.  In essence they wanted me to tell them how they could avoid all the hard work and jump to page one on Google.  At this point, I usually ask a client if they have read my book and followed of my instructions.

No doubt you can guess their response.  Their negative reply is usually followed by a number of reasons that include their busy schedule, commitments, this lousy economy and a host of other excuses that quite honestly are all valid.

The problem with starting from scratch is that there is nothing to compare it to.  In other words, if a person had a website and it was generating sales or business leads and website disappeared for some reason, you would know that the work involved in rebuilding had a payoff equal to X sales dollars or X business leads.  Justifying the time and work required would be much easier.  When you are starting from scratch the big unknown is how much work and time will be required before you start seeing a return.

What usually happens during this building phase is that those things that we know generate business tend to require more of our time.  The end result is that the new website or blog and the effort required to manage them loses priority.  The client, like the rest of us, has only so much time they can devote to an additional project, and this is usually when I hear from them again.

My schedule does not always permit me to take on a new client (or an old client for that matter) but there is one suggestion that I give to all clients.  Take my book and give it to your receptionist, secretary or hire a college kid and tell them to read the book and follow my instructions.

SEO requires time and effort to implement. 

Social Media marketing demands interaction and personal involvement. 

There is no silver bullet or way to cut in line and land on page one of Google search results.  However, if you follow my blueprint you will obtain your objective.  It requires time and involvement, but the payoff he is exactly why you contacted me in the first place.


Kindle & Leapfish – the times they are a changing!

Kindle News & Press Release

kindle seo book Kindle & Leapfish   the times they are a changing!In my previous post I broke the news that my book was now available in the Kindle bookstore. Whoa, I really should have done this sooner, sales have been surprisingly brisk and some great reviews are starting to come in. A special thank you to all who purchased my book.

Amazon sells almost 200 Kindle books for every 100 print books, which should be an important message for every author.  Amazon is the world’s largest book seller and the Kindle is the #1 selling product on Amazon, it is easy to conclude that your book belongs on Kindle.

So what took me so long to get my Kindle act together?  Quite honestly, it was the time required to reformat the book. Kindle has special formatting requirements and I just put it off due to time constraints. In hindsight, that was a mistake so learn from me.

The Press Release announcing this Kindle news came out today. See, “SEO & Social Media Book Released as Kindle Edition, Price Slashed” on this website or on PR Web.

Leapfish Folds Their Tent

Leapfish ‘was’ an interesting company and a unique resource for web marketers. In fact, I recommended them in my book, the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” as a strong link resource.  What they offered was the ability to choose a unique name (i.e. www, and have your Twitter and Facebook feeds stream on your page. Plus, you could add your videos from YouTube, photos and your products or services with complete keyword-rich descriptive text. Unfortunately, Leapfish closed their doors last week and their website is no more.

Leapfish had a healthy Google Page Rank so it could have been a great resource for backlinks to your website. Their advertising model left a lot to be desired in that they sold keywords for a one-time fee, which was renewable every year for $50. An advertiser might pay anywhere from $100 to many thousands of dollars for particular keywords. The promise was that if a keyword search was performed on their site and you owned those keywords, your ad would appear at the top of the search results page. It was kind of a Google ad play except there was no bidding for position.  You bought it once and owned the 1-2 or 3rd. position on the page.

Learn from the Leapfish demise

This is a perfect example of why your offsite SEO needs to be an ongoing effort.  Search Engine Optimization is not a one-time set it & forget it exercise, it should be something that you do on a consistent basis.  The online world changes every day and oftentimes these changes can affect your marketing strategy.  Companies (even big companies) come and go and their popularity is as fleeting as the seasons.  Can you say MySpace?

It is challenging enough just to keep pace with the ever-changing Google algorithm, but making Google happy is only part of the equation. The things we do offsite play a significant part in determining our rank in search results and ultimately the traffic to our website.  Why believe it or not, you could write a book about this stuff icon smile Kindle & Leapfish   the times they are a changing!


Kindle Announcement

Did you know that the Kindle reader has been Amazon’s #1 bestselling item for two years running. Think about that, the largest bookseller in the universe’s best selling product is an ebook reader. Why is this?  With the proliferation of devices that can display an ebook such as the Kindle, smartphones, tablets, etc., the demand for content has thickness comparison Kindle Announcement

Electronic books (eBooks) have been around since the last century (1990′s), but today, ebook sales are exploding and new readers such as Amazon’s Kindle are a major reason why. The latest Kindle only costs $114 and it boasts 50% better contrast, 17% Lighter, a two month battery life, double the storage, and built-in Wi-Fi. In fact, with ‘Text-to-Speech’, Kindle can read English-language content out loud to you.

  • There are 700,000 titles in the Kindle library. Source
  • Amazon sells 180 Kindle books for every 100 hardcover books
  • U.S. Kindle Store Now Has Over 700,000 Books
  • No, you’d better make that 7000,000 plus 1

Last September I released the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide”. Since then it has been updated a number of times with new information. The original book was only available as an eBook, a PDF download, which worked great for most PC or Mac users.

SEO & Social Media Marketing book now available for Kindle

Today I am pleased to announce that the “SEO & Social media Marketing Guide” is now available in Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. Not only is it available in Kindle format, but the price has been reduced more than 70%.

Thinking about buying a Kindle?

If you like to read, but don’t like to pay the exorbitant prices for a paperback or hardback book, you really should consider buying a Kindle.  It weighs less than a typical paperback book, is about the same thickness as a pencil and you can read it in direct sunlight without any glare.  Best yet, you can buy books (including current bestsellers) for prices that are a fraction of the “dead tree” versions.

buy amazon kindle Kindle AnnouncementLearn more about the Amazon Kindle, click here…



SEO | Social Media | Small Biz. Options

Small Business Online Marketing Decisions

As it relates to optimizing a website for search and adopting social media, the challenge facing all businesses are the questions pertaining to the time, personnel and financial resources that can be committed to these efforts.

  • Can any of this be accomplished in-house?
    • Can we invest the time?
    • Do we have the skills necessary?
    • Will this effort detract from our other business responsibilities?
  • Can we afford to outsource this?
    • Who can we trust?
    • How do we find a knowledgeable, trustworthy company?
    • How do we know which questions to ask?
    • How do we measure and judge success?
  • What level of involvement is necessary?
  • What is the least we can do to have an effect?

This infographic illustrates the options

seo social networking infographic SEO | Social Media | Small Biz. Options

Do Nothing

  • Let the status quo alone

Do Something

  • Create your public profile on Google
  • Claim local Search Engine listing pages such as:
    • Google Places
    • Bing Local
    • Yahoo Local

Do More

  • Do all of the above, and…
  • Research your critical keyword phrases that pertain to your business
  • Optimize website for search focusing on critical keywords
  • Social bookmark all major pages in website
  • Launch a blog
  • Submit website and blog to major directories and industry sites
  • Get a Facebook Page
  • Open a Twitter account
  • Create a YouTube Channel
    • Create videos for YouTube & optimize for SEO

Do Everything

  • Do all of the above, and…
  • Post weekly to the blog, craft keyword-rich anchor text links to internal website pages
  • Update Twitter & Facebook mentioning  every blog post
  • Automate Twitter (Tweets, Direct Messages and Friend acquisition)
  • Post daily (or 2-3 times per week) to Facebook
  • Acquire strong content related links
    • Focus on high-profile local links
    • Seek out industry related links
  • Claim listings in community sites like MerchantCircle, SmartGuy, etc.
  • Create additional videos and distribute via TubeMogul for multiple links
  • …and scores of other traffic-generating tactics that you will discover in the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide“.

Get this book – and get your website found!


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