Selling eBooks? Make it a Kindle Book & Profit

It has been far too long since my last post, but I actually have a pretty good excuse. Since my last posting, I wrapped up a book I had been working on for a while and I published it in Amazon’s Kindle bookstore.

At one time or another every online marketer has sold (and possibly created) an information product. The end product could be in the form of a report, video course, ebook, etc. Selling ebooks has been an Internet staple for almost as long as the Internet has been open to the public.

Amazon, the largest bookseller on the planet, transformed the publishing world when they introduced the Kindle reader a couple of years ago. Since that time, Amazon now sells more Kindle books than they do print books.

Do you have a book inside you?

Just about anybody you ask will tell you they have a secret desire to write a book. Today, the barriers to entry have been demolished. There is no cost to publish a Kindle book, you will not need an agent or a publishing company.

My new book, “Kindle, How To Publish, Promote & Profit” is a step-by-step blueprint that will teach you everything you need to know about publishing your book on Kindle and what to do to promote it to maximize sales.  Get your copy in Kindle format today!

Do you own a Kindle, tablet PC or smartphone?

Virtually everyone these days owns one or more of these devices and the reason that is important is that they can all read a Kindle book. So, the market for a Kindle book includes everyone with a computer, laptop or any of these other devices.

The meteoric growth of Kindle books has been breathtaking and people new to the publishing game are becoming millionaires. Recently, two self-published authors, John Locke and Amanda Hocking, each sold more than one million Kindle books.  Ms. Hocking, at 26-years-old, sold over 450,000 copies of her ebooks in January alone. Read the rest of this story here…

Get published! My book can help you learn how to publish your book on the Kindle platform, but just as important, it will show you how to promote effectively online.  Learn more at

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